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Get A Balance Of Plant And Animal Proteins In Your Diet

We need protein to manufacture important proteins and to build and maintain muscle. Protein rich foods satisfy hunger, and keep us going all day long. However, there is a difference between animal proteins and plant proteins and how our body

Protein In Foods

Adding extra protein to your everyday foods is one of the best ways to keep your hunger under control. Here are some simple ways to add more protein to your meals. Sources of protein referred to in the video include

How Much Protein Do I Need?

Your body size and composition play a significant role in your protein needs. This video gives you an idea how much protein you need. And the following link provides the amount of protein you get from each food type: List

Good Sources of Protein

Herbalife’s approach to weight management is about creating a healthy balanced way to eat and live. It starts with a foundation of eating a nutritionally balanced diet including good sources of protein and nutrients as part of a varied diet.